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How much fat are you stowing away? Look at the following sample daily menus for fat content that the average American consumes:

Fat content Calories
One-half grapefruit 70
Two eggs
12 grams 150
Two slices of bread 130
Two pats of butter 12 grams 120
One cup of coffee with cream and sugar 3 grams 100
Boiled ham, 2 slices 20 grams 200
Two slices of bread 130
Two pats of butter 12 grams 120
Lettuce and tomato 30
Mayonnaise, 2 teaspoonfuls 6 grams 60
Cup of coffee with cream and sugar 3 grams 100
Danish bun, prune filled 8 grams 150
Melon slice   20
Steak or beef with gravy, 4 ounces 40 grams 500
Potato and peas   100
Two pats of butter (or oil dressings) 12 grams 120
Cup of coffee with cream and sugar 3 grams 100
Ice cream 12 grams 250
Cherry pie 12 grams 350
Total fat for the day 155 grams
Total cholesterol 800 milligrams
Total calories for the day 2800
Total calories in fat 1400

How much fat can you really live with? In contrast, compare the menus used on the low-fat diet: On the one hand, the total calorie content of a typical American daily diet is about 2800 calories, of which almost 50 per cent is fat. The low-fat diet provides approximately 1800 calories (1000 calories less) the low-fat diet to lose weight provides 1200 or 1000 or 800 calories. Here the fat content is about 15 per cent of the total dietary calorie content and is the amount found in the diets of millions of non-Americans who are virtually free of atherosclerosis or heart attacks and strokes. What a clear-cut and simple choice is given us for better health and longer life!

The question may still arise, "Isn't fat necessary for normal health and nutrition?" As mentioned previously, the need for fat in humans has never been proven, although certain essential fatty acids contained in some vegetable oils are very valuable for keeping the blood fats lowered.

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