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Fat may be your "poison". Many individuals have now developed an intolerance to fat. Some of them can't seem to handle any fat at all. As an example, one plump 40-year old mother of three develops severe gas and bloating after eggs or any other fatty food. Mrs. R. is often embarrassed to dine out for fear of overflowing right out of her girdle if friends supply her with a fatty food at their homes. At other times she has been embarrassed by solicitous friends who have delightedly con¬gratulated her upon her "unexpected" and "surprise" pregnancy after eating some fat food!

Other patients develop actual attacks of gallstone colic following a meal containing fat. Some studied the causes and effects of gallstones in humans by passing rubber tubes through the mouth and down into the digestive tract and then draining off the bile or gall manufactured by the liver and stored in the gall bladder and found the cholesterol and fat content of the bile abnormally high in most patients who suffered from gallstones, liver, and gall bladder diseases. A fat-free diet was able to eventually reduce and restore the bile to its normal cholesterol and fat content, not to mention the well established fact that most patients felt vastly improved and often free of pain or distress.

Of special interest is the case of a 46-year old auto¬mobile dealer, Mr. C, who used to have disabling and terrifying attacks of pain over his heart. (We call such pain angina pectoris.) The pains began only after he had eaten breakfast and was preparing to leave for his business. His breakfast was a hearty one. It consisted of bacon and two scrambled eggs, fruit juice, some delicious coffee cake with two pats of butter, plus two cups of coffee containing generous portions of cream. He was a husky, strapping ex-athlete and burned up a great deal of energy in business activities. When Mr. C. changed his breakfast habits and ate a good breakfast on the low-fat his angina pain stopped as if by magic.

This was again just recently shown in most convincing and dramatic ways by Doctors Peter Kuo and H. Joyner of the University of Pennsylvania Hospital and Medical School. These investigators studied the effects of fat meals in a series of heart cases and others afflicted with atherosclerosis over a several year period. One group of their patients suffered severe heart attacks every time a fat meal was administered to them. Studies of the heart and the blood were made during actual heart attacks by Electrocardiographs and other scientific instruments. It was found that when the blood stream contained its peak load of fat content, the heart attacks were most severe and threatened the very life of the patients. Such findings were also the experience of other research physicians.

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